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The role of Audit Service Corporation is to contribute to the strengthning of accountability and good governance in the management of public resources by providing independent and objectve audit and related services to public sector organizations. In doing so, the Corporation assist the Federal Auditor General (FAG) in fulfilling his responsiility of forming opinion on financial statements of public sector offices and organisations and reporting to the House of People's Representatives (Parliament). Accordingly, theCorporation's mandate emanated from that of the FAG's who under the constitution is responsible for auditing the financial statements produced by all Federal Government Offices and Organisations and reporting the results to the Government.

  • Carry Out Audits and Related Services on behalf of FAG.
  • Support field operation with advice on technical accounting, auditing and other matters.
  • Provide Leadership, planning, financial and technological support to field operations.
  • Provide systems and processes to ensure that people reach their full potential.
  • Provide training to ensure that professional standards are met and personal development is achieved.
  • Ensure Adherence to professional standards.
  • Develop consistent and coordinated plans, audit approaches and decisions in sectors where there's dominance.


Since the last couple of years, the Corporation has been striving to enhance its existing audit service and has began providing other new services in the light of its clients’ needs. Until now, it revamped its organizational structure, developed a five-year strategic plan and established a new remuneration system. In line with the strategic plan, ASC is organized into the following seven functional groups (Directorates):

  • Three Audit Professional Groups (Directorates)
  • Two Other Professional Groups (Directorates)
  • Two Support Groups (Directorates)

Under each Directorate, there are sub groups and support units. All these directorates and sub groups are housed in the self-owned eight- storey building located in Woreda 15 Kebele 26 in the downtown of Addis Ababa, Kazanchis.


Audit Manual

ASC adheres to International Standards on Auditing (ISAs) when it conducts its audits. Accordingly, the Corporation has its own Audit Manual which contains ISAs and other relevant guidelines used as reference for carrying out the various aspects of the Corporation’s statutory audit tasks.


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