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About Us

ASC is the principal organization in Ethiopia responsible for auditing public sector business organizations as well as government programs and projects. The wide scope of government ownership in Ethiopia means that ASC undertakes the audits of all the Country's largest industrial and commercial companies, though the responsibility for auditing Government-owned organizations is that of the Office of the Federal Auditor General (OFAG). Since OFAG has specialized in auditing those government organizations that depend on annual budgetary revenues apportioned by the Federal Government for their operations (i.e. ministries, commissions. agencies etc), it delegated the audit of public sector business organizations (i.e. entities that mainly depend on revenues generated by themselves for carrying out their tasks, such as government financial institutions, factories, utilities as well as government programs and projects funded by foreign donors) to ASC.

Strategic Plan

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Values

“To provide independent audit and related services to Public Sector Business Organizations”


“To be recognized as a leading provider of audit and audit-related services to Public Sector Business Organizations in Africa”

Our values underpin everything we do and represent the way we go about achieving our vision; we maintain an environment where a commitment to quality and integrity, valuing people, building client relationships and continuous improvement

Our Skills

Audit Services


Management Consultancy


Development Enhancement


The Board of Management

As mentioned above, ASC was established by law as an independent organization and is administered by a management board. The members of the Board are the following high-ranking Federal Government officials:


Title of Offcial Position
The Federal Auditor General Chairperson
Minister of Finance and Economic Cooperation Member
Minister of Justice Member
General Manager of ASC Member

The Board is responsible for approving budget, plans and employees remuneration of the Corporation as well as providing general operational guidance and policy. However, the Board does not interfere in audit planning, execution and opinion formation. Thus, although ASC reports to and is accountable to the Board, the Corporation is independent from the Board when it comes to operational (professional) matters.