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Audit Services

Render Audit services to production, distribution and service providing organizations of which the Government is the owner or a majority shareholder.

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Management Consultancy

Render management consultancy service to Numerous governmental organizations through different sectors of professions.

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Development Enhancement

Find ways and means for the further development of the audit profession and  make Ethiopia self-sufficient within a short period in respect of the audit profession.

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Our Executive Managment Team

Staff Member

Mr. Demsash Getachew

General Manager
Staff Member

Mr.Bogale Teka

Deputy General Manager
Staff Member

Mr. Mersha Taddesse

Director, Corporate Services
Staff Member

Mr. Mulugeta Tessema

Director, Special Services
Staff Member

Mr. Kennth Naylor

Director, Professional Practices & Learning
Staff Member

Mrs. Alganesh Araya

Director, Audit (Portfolio2)
Staff Member

Mrs. Bachiayehu Tamrat

Director, Audit (Portfolio1)

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Consultant Bid for Audit Software Selection Audit Services Corporation (ASC) wishes to contract Audit software consultancy services. The consultant shoud possess...

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About Us

  • Our Company

    ASC is the principal organization in Ethiopia responsible for auditing public sector business organizations as well as government programs and projects
  • What We Do

    ASC undertakes the audits of all the Country's largest industrial and commercial companies, though the responsibility for auditing Government-owned organizations
  • Why Choose Us

    We underpin everything we do and represent the way we go about achieving our vision; we maintain an environment where
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